Compost Buy-In Spring 2021


This spring, we will be offering compost for sale to gardeners at MCGA. Please look out for our compost buy-in email in March.

Compost may be purchased on our website, in the STORE tab on our navigation bar once the buy-in begins.  Thank you for your participation and support.

Profits from compost purchases fund materials we need in the food bank.

Note: All compost is pre-paid. 

2021 MCGA April/May Plant Sales

This year MCGA will have two spring plant sales. Plants will be available for purchase in our STORE soon. Profits from our plant sale will fund our ongoing grounds work. 

April Plant Sale-Plants available will be leafy greens, herbs, berries, and cool-weather crops. No tomatoes or peppers.

May Plant Sale-Now is the time for tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers too! Other warm-season crops will also be available.

Note: Exact items are not guaranteed. Inventory depends on delivered stock. Refunds will be given if inventory is out-of-stock. 

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